The Board of Directors of the Bowness Community Association is elected on an annual basis, by members of the Bowness Community Association.  The existing board was elected on October 8th, 2014.  The Board is comprised of 15 individuals with a range of strengths, all working towards helping make Bowness creating a vibrant, sustainable community of choice.

President  |  Duncan Meade

Duncan is originally from the UK, and outside of his work in the oil & gas world is a keen cyclist and snowboarder. He’s only been in Calgary for a couple of years, having spent 12 years in Vancouver, but has found a great place to live in Bowness and now calls himself a Bownesian.  He appreciates the diversity of the community and hopes to work on further strengthening the links between all the community stakeholders.   When he’s not on his bike or board, he likes to spend his spare time with his wife and pets, and enjoys a good campfire in his backyard beside the Bow river.

Vice President  |  Scott Hutchison 

I’ve lived in Bowness for more than a decade and recently moved my business, Elan Family Wellness, here as well. My professional time is divided between being a business owner, a massage therapist and a wellness educator. I love to combine my knowledge of the body, science, metaphysics, energy healing and the human condition to help people improve their lives. When not at the clinic, I’m often giving talks to groups in Calgary, and contributing to select blogs, podcasts and publications with a worldwide reach. I’m also an accomplished recording artist and photographer. I’m a passionate believer in Bowness and the people who live here, and it is this spirit that inspired me to join the board at the BCA.

Treasurer  |  Leslie Archibald

Both Bowness and the BCA have a great sense of purpose and energy that is focused on building a vibrant community. I am a long-term resident of Bowness with a background in finance and accounting. When I was approached to consider volunteering, I accepted and I hope I can make a positive contribution to our community. I look forward to putting my skills to work for Bowness as treasurer of the BCA, and to working with the board and the community’s many volunteers on the community hub project, improving the BCA building and facilities, and community events.

Secretary  | TBA

Director  Safety  |  Monika Dool 

This California transplant has fallen in love with Bowness since moving here eight years ago.  Since giving birth to her son two years ago, Monika became interested in taking on a stronger role in the community’s development, particularly safety; hence her acceptance of a position on the BCA board.  Monika adores Bowness and its small town feel within a big city, and the fact we have such an eclectic diverse community.

Director Of Events |  Cindy Amthor

I have called Bowness home since 1988. I love the diversity of the community; the fact that we are not a “cookie cutter” neighbourhood. There are old character houses tucked amongst million-dollar homes, and everything in between. There is Bowness Park, the river, bike paths, new improved shops, and a close drive to escape out to the mountains. I would like to see some of the smaller playgrounds improved and updated to make more appealing to the young children of Bowness, and try to get the myth about the Bowness teenagers being “scary” proven wrong. Also nothing wrong with more murals and art to beautify the ‘’hood.’ I was a snowboard instructor for seven years, and have a passion for the mountains—climbing them, sliding down them, even just hiking in them. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie and thrill seeker. My favourite times are spent doing sports and activities. I’m passionate about sharing it with my children, and giving them an appreciation of the world around them.

Director of Planning | Paul Sipos 

I moved to Bowness from Montgomery when I was six and have lived and worked in the neighbourhood ever since. Growing up here was great; having all the green spaces including Bowness Park is something special that not everyone gets to experience. I worked at four local restaurants until the opportunity to buy The Place finally came along. Shortly after that I became a director of the Mainstreet Bowness BRZ (Business Revitalization Zone). I started attending BCA Planning & Development Committee meetings as the BRZ liaison, and after two years took up the position of vice-chair. When the position of chair became available, I felt it was important for me to fill that role. This is a very unique neighbourhood and, with all the possible changes coming, I feel it’s important the committee be led by someone who understands the importance of both change, and keeping the heritage of Bowness intact. This will be a very challenging task, and one I feel I am up to. As Director of Planning for Bowness I look forward to working with and for the community as we shape the future of this special neighbourhood while honouring its past.

 Director of Communications | Maurine McVicar 

I know just how lucky I am to be a part of this great community, being a Bownesian since 1997: Bowness Park, epic dog walking, good commute, big trees, great people. Priceless!

My relationship with the BCA began over a year ago, writing for [I]The Bowest’ner[I], and I’ve since taken on responsibility for the “Happenings” page. It’s a lot of fun working with such great people and learning so much about the area I live in. I wanted to do more, so I applied for a seat on the board. And they accepted me! My hope is that my skills and experiences will be of service in this role as well, and I’m looking forward to the challenge of working with such an interesting group of people, for such a great community.

If I were asked to use one word to describe how I feel about living in Bowness, that word would be “grateful.” And this is my way of paying it forward. Thanks for the chance to do so!

 Director at Large |  Anne Campbell 

Anne moved to Bowness in 1964 with 2 young children and has never wanted to leave.  She was a legal secretary/assistant all her working life and is now retired.  Anne was on the BCA Board in the late sixties and early seventies, during the time of the building of the Sportsplex, and holding a number of positions with the Board, including secretary and treasurer.  Her hope for Bowness is to see more residents coming together for various activities and more activities and meeting places to satisfy the needs of the residents.  Anne is interested in history, reading, gardening and travel.

Director at Large |  Dennis Jameson

Director at Large |  Karen Lewin

Director at Large |  Jason New

Director at Large |  Jeff Riedl