What does the Planning & Development meeting discuss?

Our monthly planning meetings discuss all items included on our agenda, which is available to the public.  Agenda items typically include review and discussion of recent Development Permit applications within the community of Bowness;  Presentations from individuals and groups who are proposing projects in our community; General discussion about community concerns regarding bylaws, zoning, developments.


Who can attend the meetings?

The meetings are open to all residents of Bowness or applicants of projects in Bowness.  We encourage input from all attendees.  However, matters can only be voted on by members of the Planning & Development Committee (PDC).  To be a member of the planning committee, you need to be a member of good standing in the BCA, and to have attended 3 meetings in the past calendar year.  We typically have 20-50 attendees at our meetings,  representing all aspects of Bowness.


What authority does the PDC have?

The Planning & Development Committee (PDC) makes motions on items on our monthly agenda.  For a motion to pass, we need majority (50+1 %) support.  The results of the motions, along with comments are submitted to the City of Calgary for consideration.  The City of Calgary issues a final decision on Development Permits after receiving the results of our community discussion.  We thus provide local context and comments, but we do not approve/reject individual applications.


When Are the PDC Meetings?

Our regularly scheduled meetings are the first Wednesday of every month, at the BCA community Center (upstairs meeting room).  They are published in the Bow’westner.   You can also find details on our events Calendar online.


I am concerned about a particular Development Permit, where can i see the details?

The BCA receives a paper copy of all Development Permit applications in Bowness, on an ongoing basis.  These are available to the public.  We do not have digital files to email, but are happy to provide them for review if you stop by our office.


What is the typical format of a meeting?

We circulate the agenda to all attendees.  The meeting opens with presentations from builders, architects, applicants, special agencies, grass roots initiatives, etc, for consideration.  This typically takes 20-60 minute.  At the conclusion of this, we ask all applicants to leave the room, so that the attendees can freely discuss the applications.   After this, we discuss all presentations and Development Permit applications and outstanding items.  Motions are made and carried.  This typically takes 60-90 minutes.  Finally, we discuss general items that have been requested to be on our agenda.  These items are typically more generic and not seeking a committee decision.


How can I raise a planning or development related issue for discussion?  

You can call our Planning Coordinator at 403.288.8300 at least 2 days prior to our scheduled meeting, and request an item be added to the agenda.  Our meetings cover a lot of necessary material and we do not have the flexibility to accommodate off-topic or new agenda requests while our meetings are underway.


Can I see what issues the Planning Meetings have discussed previously?

We publish an overview of our meetings in the Bow’westner.  The minutes for our meetings are distributed to all PDC members, and are available for review by all BCA members at our office.  If you want to see a sample of previous meeting agenda, please go to our “Agenda Archive” on the planning page of our website.