Welcome.  We at the Bowness Planning & Development Committee encourage you to attend our monthly meetings.  Our meetings are open to all Bowness residents, organizations, business owners, and applicants.  Meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of every month at 7pm  in the BCA community Center, (upstairs meeting room).

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The P&DC may take on a number of roles and tasks related to community building, change, and improvement. The P&DC should partake in proactive pursuits such as grass-roots initiatives and projects, however a core function of the P&DC is in reviewing applications for rezoning, subdivision, and development permits.

The P&DC performs an advisory role, and comments on how a proposed development fits into the community, and where possible, suggests changes which could make the proposed development more compatible. Neither the BCA nor the P&DC have a formal jurisdiction or authority in planning matters.

Our mandate is to:

a) review all planning & development matters that affect the community, on behalf of the community & residents of Bowness
b) To support the Vision, Mission, and Values of the BCA (broadly, to improve the liveability and appeal of the community)
c) To provide community context and information to all interested parties
d) To facilitate a forum for all parties to development and local initiatives
e) To represent Bowness in community, civic & broader planning issues, with the full respect and authority invested in us

To find out more about the role of a Community Association Planning Committee as well as the guidelines that inform our discussions, please refer to the documents below:

Terms of Reference: 

We have recently ratified (March 2014) a new Terms of Reference that guides our mandate, membership requirements, and procedures.  If you would like to know what terms the Bowness Planning & Development Committee operates on, please read them here:

Planning and Development Terms of Reference Ratified Feb 2016


A Community Guide to Planning: 

This is an introductory document to community planning, prepared by the Federation of Calgary Communities.  This guide highlights the role of a community association in the planning process, and also illustrates how the Calgary planning process works.  An excellent overview of everything planning related.

Community Guide to the Planning Process-FCC


Bowness Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP):

A local framework, created with the input of many Bowness residents, and updated periodically.  This document provides local context and values, that may not be addressed in municipal bylaws and guidelines.

BOWNESS ARP – click here-


Calgary Municipal Development Plan (MDP), Transportation Plan (CTP):

Calgarians spoke of the need for a more sustainable city that provides the citizens of today and in the future with a high quality of life, high quality of living environments and convenient means to get around.  These Plans describe the vision for a long-term pattern of growth and development in Calgary over the next 60 years. They provide policies that integrate social, economic and environmental objectives for the next 30 years

Calgary MDP:

Calgary CTP


When developments are proposed in the community, they may be discretionary or contextual.  Discretionary applications are those that may not meet city bylaws or require relaxations from standard guidelines.  As such, these applications are submitted to neighbors and community associations for their comments.  These are typically the applications that are under review at the Planning & Development meetings.

Applications that do not have relaxations and meet all city bylaws, are processed in a fast track system as a ‘contextual application’.  The criteria for Contextual’ applications are here….  Contextual guidelines


Community Context Questionnaire:

When the Planning & Development Committee reviews discretionary applications, we discuss the merits and support or concerns of the community regarding the application.  We submit our comments to the City in a standardized format, called the Community Context Questionnaire


Neighbor Notification:

Prior to our monthly meetings, the Planning & Development Committee will receive notice of  all Development Permits in Bowness.  We will notify adjacent or potentially concerned parties in person or with a “Neighbor Notification” letter to ensure that all parties have an opportunity to be informed, and give voice to support or concern of these applications.  The notification letter looks like this: NEIGHBOUR NOTIFICATION