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What is Ripples?

Ripples is a grant program that supports initiatives that build community and social connections. Grants range from $50 to $600. Past initiatives include skill sharing activities, neighbourhood events, workshops, community clean ups, community gardens, performing and visual arts projects and drop-in activities. 

Who can apply?

The grant is available for residents of Bowness, Montgomery and Greenwood Village.

What type of projects are funded?

Ripples funds new initiatives that are:

  • Open to residents of the designated communities
  • Held in a public location
  • Benefit the whole community
  • Build a sense of belonging by creating connections between residents.

Grants are not given for events that have already taken place.

 How can I apply?

Applicants can:

  • Pick up an application at the Bowness Community Association or Montgomery Community Association
  • Download an application here

Who makes the decision on my application?

A granting committee made up of community members in Bowness, Montgomery, and Greenwood Village, read and make decisions on each application through a democratic process.

Who determines the amount of funding I receive?

Grants are based on the size and scope of the projects they support.  This decision is made by a granting committee made up of community residents. Applications must list all required items and cost. The Ripples Facilitator may contact you for more information.

Are there any restrictions on what items are covered with a Ripples grant?

Ripples cannot be used to purchase alcohol or pay wages. All costs must relate directly to the project.

How long does it take to approve my Ripples request?

The application process can take up to 4 weeks. Please leave plenty of time!

I submitted an application, now what?

Once an application is complete, the Ripples Facilitator forwards it to the Granting Committee. If approved, the Facilitator arranges a time to review requirements and deliver the cheque. Receipts and an event summary must be submitted after the event is held. Photos are welcome.

Who is on the Ripples Granting Committee?

The Committee consists of volunteers who live in Bowness, Montgomery and Greenwood Village.