There are many people living in Bowness that want to share talents and skills with the community.

These resident leaders currently offer a variety of events and programs, some with support from community grants, the community hub coordinator and other BCA staff.

Drop In Knitting Circle

Local resident knitting expert drops in to the indoor playground at the BCA once a week to join other knitters, crochet enthusiasts or any other yarn/needle crafter. It is a time for people to connect with one another, share skills and tips, and talk about things happening in the community.

Educational Workshops

Tea with Mz. Rhonda and ribbon skirt making are two examples of workshops/presentations that have been offered by residents at the BCA.

Community Kitchens

A local resident volunteers for Community Kitchens to bring a group cooking opportunity to Bowness. Residents meet to plan the meals, order the food through Community Kitchens and then gather to cook later that week at the BCA.

Inter-Generational Picnic

Residents in Bowness were missing the feel of a community picnic. So they got together, applied for a Ripples grant, coordinated with organizations in Bowness and hosted a picnic at the BCA.

It Takes a Village

A movement in Bowness lead by a resident passionate about making sure every child has nutritious food available to them. This resident leads the snack program at the indoor playground in the BCA as well as the community potluck before each Jelly Bean dance.

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Community Grants

Ripples Community Grant Program

Ripples is a small grant that may be able to make your ideas happen. Designed to kick start community based projects, Ripples is for Bowness residents who want to organize an event or initiative that connects people and fosters a stronger community. Depending on the size and scope of your project, the grants range from $50 to $600.

Are you, or someone you know, interested in initiating a small project or event that brings Bowness residents together? For more information, please email

Together, Ripples and you will build a more connected community!

Ripples Grant Application