The Bowness Committee Association achieves its strategic priorities through the work done by volunteers on our board committees.

These volunteer run committees are essential to getting feedback from the community, staying in tune with the needs of Bowness, and completing Board deliverables.

Executive Committee

The purpose of the Executive Committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling its obligations including financial stability, good governance, transparency, and strategic planning and Board performance review.  The Executive focuses on strategic discussion and does not make decisions on behalf of the Board of Directors or any Board Committee.

Audit & Finance Committee

The purpose of the Audit and Finance Committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling its fiscal oversight responsibilities including review of all financial information, review of existing financial position, and to support the ongoing development of, relevant financial management policies and procedures, overseeing the annual financial statement audit and risk management related to financial assets, data management and the insurance program.


The purpose of the Governance Committee is to assist the Board to develop and maintain governance policies and practices that address transparency, independence, accountability, fiduciary responsibilities, ethics and management oversight.

Acting in accordance with the Governance Policies of the Association the committee provides governance oversight for the organization on behalf of the membership, stakeholders, clients, community and all interested parties.  Oversee the implementation and effectiveness of the by-laws and other governance documents and recommend modifications as needed, in accordance with all relevant Acts and legislation.

Human Resources

The purpose of the Human Resources Committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling its obligations relating to Bowness Community Association human resources issues, including the evaluation of the Executive Director and the Board of Directors, succession planning of senior staff positions, oversight of the BCA compensation strategy and volunteer management program.


The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to recruit suitable candidates for the Board and oversee succession planning of Board Members.  The Committee will develop a roster of potential new directors for the Bowness Community Association Board for election to the Board at the Annual General Meeting.  The Committee will identify, with support from the Governance Committee and other Board input, a board range of skills that are required to maintain a diverse Board and will evaluate and interview potential candidates to ensure their compatibility and alignment with the needs of the Board.


The Communications Committee of the Bowness Community Association oversees and directs the communications of the Bowness Community Association to community stakeholders including membership, residents, media and public at large.  Communication mediums include but are not limited to

  • Bowest’ner Community Newsletter

  • Bowness e-newsletter

  • Bowness website

  • Bowness social media presence


The purpose of the Events Committee is to initiative and establish the event calendar for the year for the Bowness Community Association in consideration of community resident wants and needs, fundraising priorities and serving the diverse demographics of the community.  Other responsibilities include recruiting Board representation for events and support the volunteer coordinator in recruiting both volunteers and participation in community events.

Planning & Development

The Planning & Development Committee of the Bowness Community Association reviews planning, development, and transportation matters that pertain to the community of Bowness.  It considers the built and natural environment as well as provides community context on cultural and social issues. Neither the Planning & Development Committee or the Bowness Community Association have formal jurisdiction or authority in City Planning matters.  

These matters are reviewed with respect to the governing statutory documents including the Bowness Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP), City of Calgary Bylaws, Calgary Municipal Development and Transportation Plans (MDP and TP), and the Alberta Municipal Government Act. This is further supplemented by Policy Documents such as the City of Calgary Low Density Residential Guide for established communities.


The purpose of the Facility Committee is to oversee the operations and maintenance of the Bowness Community Centre and Arena including lifecycle planning, preventative maintenance contracts and recommendations, and renovation projects in coordination with the Community Hub Committee.

Community Hub Committee

The purpose of the Community Hub Committee is to oversee the revitalization and future of the Bowness Community Centre and Arena as part of the partnership with United Way and the City of Calgary.  Responsibilities include to suggest and monitor the scope of the Bowness Community Hubs Initiative, ensure vision, values and key strategies of the initiative are upheld, mitigate challenges and manage risks as they arise, represent the interests of residents, seek allies and identify opportunities for advocacy and systems change on issues arising from Bowness residents.

Twinning An Arena

This new committee will support the fundraising, marketing and engagement of residents and other stakeholders in the Bowness Community Associations intention to Twin the Arena. Current partners include the Calgary Board of Education, the Bow River Bruins Hockey Association, Women’s Hockey Calgary and other interested parties.

Skate Park

The Skate Park Committee supports the efforts of the City of Calgary establishing a skate park in Bowness and resident engagement and ownership of the skate park. This is an ad hoc committee that will be operational until the Skate Park is completed and is appropriately integrated within the community.

Interested in being part of a Bowness Community Association Committee?

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