Movie Begins: sundown (after 9pm)
BCA green space (7904 43 Ave NW)

What movie are we showing?

We can’t say yet but there will be many clues (watch for the July/August Bowest’ner and over on our Facebook page). It’ll be inconceivable not to figure it out. If you’ve won the battle of wits and can already guess DON’T TELL anyone! The movie we’re screening is always the worst kept secret in Bowness.

Volunteer for this event: You’ll be able to save your seat early AND watch the film! Sign up online here:

While the event is free we’ll be selling memberships and gladly collecting donations. The generous support of Bownesians allows us to host this and many other free events for our community!

Snacks and popcorn will be available for purchase.

Sponsored by Servus Credit Union