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The Bowness Community Association was established in 1963.

The community itself has a long history with its origins as a ranch in the late 1800’s until John Hextall subdivided the land during the real estate boom in 1911. Hextalls vision became the framework for the village and town of Bowness, with Bowness Park and the Bowness street car being closely association with his legacy. The end of World War 2 saw a number of veterans, along with Dutch and German immigrants settling in Bowness. Bowness was incorporated as a village on February 14, 1948. After recording a population of 2,922 in the 1951, the village incorporated as the Town of Bowness on November 5, 1951. It’s first mayor was elected in March 1952. Bowness grew considerably following that and by 1956 its population was over 6,200 and by 1961 it neared 10,000 people. Following the Town of Montgomery's amalgamation into the City of Calgary in 1963, the Town of Bowness held a vote in October 1963 to determine its residents' position on becoming a part of Calgary. The result was 1,003 votes in favour and 397 in opposition. The Town of Bowness was subsequently amalgamated into the City of Calgary on August 15, 1964. That same year the Bowness Community Association was established to represents the diversity of the residents of Bowness.

Bowness is fortunate to have its very own Historical Society that have published two books: Bowness Our Village in the Valley and Bowness: Past and Present 1911 to 2011. For more information about the history of Bowness or to order your books please contact the historical society at