Call For Indigenous Artists

Bowness Community Association:  Call for Indigenous Artist

Submissions Due: January 31st, 2019

The Bowness Community Association invites Indigenous artists from any Canadian territory or nation residing in Bowness or with a historical tie to the land/community now called Bowness to work on and design a piece of artwork/installation acknowledging the original peoples of the land including the relationship to the land that the Bowness Community Association (Sportsplex) has been built upon and that the community of Bowness currently occupies.

Project Objectives

The main objectives for Bowness Community Association are:

  • To develop a place making piece of art or installation that will educate those using the Bowness Community Association (Sportsplex) about the history of the community now called Bowness with emphasis on the original peoples and the relationship with the land.

  • To create a safe and inclusive place for sharing and gathering of all Nations and peoples within the Treaty 7 area, specifically those residing in the community of Bowness.

  • To promote the vibrant relationships that have formed within the community now called Bowness.

The commissioned Artist will be required to design, fabricate and assist with the installation of a public art feature that will create a strong and recognizable link to the original peoples of the land now called Bowness including acknowledgement of the relationship to the land itself.  The Artist must source their own working studios and materials in this creative process.

Upon completion the Bowness Community Association will assume ownership of the artwork.  The artist retains intellectual property rights to the artwork including, without limitation, copyright.  The Bowness Community Association shall have the right to use images of the artwork for any non-commercial promotional use (example: social media, website, pamphlets, etc.).

Who is eligible?

The Bowness Community Association seeks to commission an Indigenous artist with a tie to the community of Bowness that has knowledge of the historical and contemporary practices of Indigenous peoples in the Treaty 7 area.

Submission Criteria

Submissions must include 3 pieces.  Any incomplete submissions will not be considered.  Submissions will be accepted in person at the Bowness Community Association office (7904 43 Ave NW in Calgary) during regular office hours (8am – 4 pm Monday – Thursday and 8 am – 12 pm Fridays) or via email to .  All submissions received by email will be sent a confirmation email, if you have not received this email within 2 business days please follow up to ensure it was received.

  • Video or written introduction to the artist, including their tie to the community of Bowness. Story, song, paragraphs, blog, point form, photographs with captions are examples of forms of introduction which are encouraged.

  • Mock-up of proposed artwork/installation in keeping with the project objective of a public art feature that will create a strong and recognizable link to the original peoples of the land now called Bowness including acknowledgement of the relationship to the land itself. Mock-ups may be presented as sketches, photographs, 3D miniatures, mixed media, or any other presentation suitable to the artist.  Size of mock-up may not exceed a base size of 11×17.  Materials for mock-ups will be at the expense of the artist.

  • Fully completed artist’s submission form as shown in appendix A.


January 1 -31 | Submissions Accepted

February 10 | Mock Ups Presented at Winter Festival

February 12 – March 2 | Art Production

March 3 – 7 | Art Installation

March 10 | Unveiling CeremonyTentatively

The Bowness Community Association staff and board will select by consensus mock ups to be voted on by community members to determine the commissioned artist.  Mock ups selected from the submissions will be presented to the community at the Winter Festival (public event) for voting by community members.  The mock up selected by the community will be commissioned in accordance with the following terms:

  • Final piece of art in keeping with the original intent of the mock-up included in the submission.

  • Artist’s honorarium will be paid upon installation of the piece of art. Artist’s honorarium will be $1,000 in the form of cheque.

Courtenay Davidson