A Note on Flood Preparedness from the City of Calgary

River flooding can occur at any time in Calgary with little warning because of the short, steep distance the rivers travel from the mountains to Calgary. The period between mid-May and mid-July is when Calgary is most likely to experience river flooding. We actively monitor river, weather and snowpack conditions to prepare for potential flooding.

We cannot stop river flooding from happening, but we can reduce its impact.

Since 2013, The City, in partnership with the provincial and federal governments, has committed more than $300-million towards projects that will reduce our risk of river flood damage.

The City’s three-part Flood Resilience Plan, approved by Council in 2017, is based on extensive technical studies and public engagement. The City’s goal is to protect our city from a flood at least as big as the one we experienced in 2013. The three parts of this plan, working together, will help us meet that goal.

  1. Capturing more floodwater before it gets to Calgary in new reservoirs, built by the Province, and through the operation of existing reservoirs upstream of the city on the Bow and Elbow Rivers.

  2. Keeping floodwater out of the most vulnerable communities through the construction of local flood barriers.

  3. Reducing the risk of property damage by implementing updates to development regulations and by encouraging citizens to take actions to prevent damage to their properties.

River flooding impacts all Calgarians who live, work, commute or recreate in the city centre or along the Bow and Elbow Rivers. Everyone has a role, and we must all understand, prepare and stay informed about river flooding.

Our 2019 Flood Readiness Campaign aims to educate Calgarians about how to understand their flood risk, be prepared and stay informed. Our campaign includes the following:

·         Launch of new Calgary’s River Flood Story in The City’s Map Gallery

·         Public walking tours: Hidden in plain sight – Bow River flood protection in Eau Claire (May 22, 30 and June 1)

·         Biweekly flood e-newsletter (May to July)

·         Updates to flood website - calgary.ca/floodinfo

·         Digital advertising, promoted and organic social media

Visit calgary.ca/floodinfo for more information, to explore our new interactive River Flooding story map, to sign up for our e-newsletter and walking tours, and download our Flood Readiness Guide.