Meet Arianna, Our New Summer Student!

Tell us about yourself

My name is Arianna Korbett and I am from the small town of Pincher Creek, a community very similar to Bowness. I just graduated from Mount Royal University with a Bachelor's of Communication, majoring in Journalism. I am an avid traveler, having spent a year abroad in Croatia as a Rotary Exchange Student, and speak 4 languages: English, French, Italian and Croatian. I love dogs, walks, plants, reading, writing and coffee.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

As the Assistant Event Coordinator for the BCA, I hope to learn more about the community I live in and participate in continuing to make it a wonderful place. I also want to create relationships with the people around me and feel a sense of community, as I think that is very important for people.

What is your definition of community?

Community to me is a sense of belonging, of support and of like-minded individuals sharing experiences and creating stronger bonds and relationships with one another.

Why Bowness? What drew you to this position in the community?

I chose Bowness as it is close to where I live, Montgomery, and I wanted to be a part of the goings on right across the bridge from my backyard. In my short time living in Calgary, I heard a lot about the strong sense of community in Bowness and was happy to see that this community could be so close-knit in the big city.

Why should someone attend a BCA event? What would you say to an individual or group to have them participate at a BCA event?

People should attend BCA events because they are put on for the community by the community. They are loads of fun and allow an individual to get to know their neighbours and partake in celebrations of life and traditions. If someone enjoys the event so much or wants to help make the following events even better I would strongly encourage them to help us out and get involved. These events can only happen or be as successful as they are with the community's help and support. The more community members we can gather to help out creates a better event for everyone attending and makes sure the event will continue in the years to come. We can't do it without the help and support.