Why Bowness is My Bowness - Teresa's Story

Theresa Davidson came to the neighbourhood of Bowness in 2011. She says she was drawn here by the diversity, the community pride and the location to the river and parks, and those have ultimately been what has kept her here since.

She was very interested in the happenings around the community and always liked to be involved so her neighbour invited her to join the Bowness Community Association Board.. She says being on the board has helped her achieve those desires and given her an appreciation for what goes on in Bowness.

“I think it’s made me quite a bit more aware of my community and what’s going on, the development of the community. It’s helped get me out to the different events, and see what’s going on, and maybe the behind the scenes work that’s been done through lot’s of the events and planning,” says Davidson.

She thinks that being involved in one’s community is the best way to gain a sense of community pride and help make the community better for everyone. The more people are involved, whether through volunteering, following the social media accounts, reading the Bowest’ner, or coming down to events and community programs, the better appreciation for Bowness and the more informed decisions made.

“I think the BCA mostly fosters a sense of community, supports everybody and is constantly putting things together that brings back community, better communication, better community feel so people feel connected and at the end hopefully care about one another and care about what happens both in their own backyard and in their neighbours backyard,” she says.

As for the future of the BCA and Bowness, Davidson sees a strong community vibe. Neighbourhoods in Bowness interacting more and enjoying time together, as well as more participation in community events and programs.

Her passions in Bowness include getting to know the community and her neighbours. She also loves the events happening. She attended the Tour de Bowness for the first time this past summer and said it was an awesome event. In the early summer months, she ran in Run Bowness. These events helped her feel more involved and love Bowness a little more.

She also believes that the more one is involved, the more likely they are to see the small nuances that make up the community and make it so diverse and unique. Those nuances you wouldn’t see if you weren’t involved in the community and the events and programs.

When asked why Bowness is her Bowness Davidson replied: “I have strong friendships and connections with my neighbours in my neighbourhood, and for me that’s important. That’s what it’s all about being in a community. You can ask someone for help, they can ask you for help. You can do life together. So I think that’s what makes Bowness my Bowness.”

Written by Arianna Korbett