Community Engagement on Backyard Suite Design Guidelines

As part of the changes to secondary suites approved on March 12, Backyard Suites will now be discretionary land uses in primarily single detached home (R-1, R-C1, and R-C1L) districts. Click here for more information about the changes.

Before the changes come into force, the City will be creating design guidelines for Backyard Suites, to ensure that the suites best fit with their communities.

The Federation of Calgary Communities is reaching out to community associations interested in providing comments related to the design of Backyard Suites.

If you are interested in participating, please add your name, community, as well as your availability to this Doodle poll.

The engagement will be done through meetings, which will take place during May. This is the opportunity for community associations to be engaged. The City will also consult with industry and broader online engagement will follow in June. Administration hopes to return to Council in October 2018.

Several issues will be discussed including:

  • Height
  • Separation from the main building
  • Privacy
  • Amenity space;
  • Other concerns

The City plans to bring examples of different designs and to discuss ideas to address community concerns. The meetings will not be for discussing whether Backyard Suites are appropriate in the districts mentioned above as this has already been decided by Council.