The Board of Directors are community members who are elected by the membership. The Board represents the diversity of the residents of Bowness. The Board is informed by and accountable to the membership.


Scott Hutchison President

Scott has been a board member since 2015 and is serving his second term as president.  Local business owner of a wellness clinic, speaker, photographer, Scott is also husband and father to two and is proud to have lived in Bowness since 2004.  Scott’s goal is to help provide an extraordinary experience for all who call Bowness home. If you have creative suggestions and solutions or would like to get more involved is Bowness or the Bowness Community Association reach out to Scott directly.



Jason New Vice-President

Jason moved to Bowness in 2012 because of its desirable location next to the river, uniqueness, and it being an established community. Since then Jason has come to experience the various events, resources, and people in Bowness. He has been impressed with the community involvement and has had a unique and enjoyable experience in the short 6 years. Jason is an engineer by trade and is interested in building and automating things as well as assisting the community through volunteering.



Leslie Archibald tREASURER

Leslie has been a director since 2015 and chairs the Finance and Audit Committee. She is a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta, a founder and member of the Investment Committee of Western Ranchlands Tomahawk LP, and a director of Foothills Academy Society. Her volunteer commitment to Bowness is rooted in a sense of community pride as a long-time resident who enjoys Bowness’ parks and outdoor spaces. Leslie loves travel and outdoor adventures.


Cindy Amthor Secretary

Cindy has been an active member of the Bowness Community Association Board for over four years. She serves as the Event Committee Chair. She is passionate about busting myths about Bowness and showcasing how truly beautiful Bowness is. Cindy has lived in Bowness since 1988. She values the diversity of the community and its proximity to the mountains. Cindy loves playing sports. She was a snowboard instructor for 7 years and is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie.


Paul Sipos Director

Paul grew up in Bowness. He owns The Place restaurant on Bowness Road and he the Chair of the Bowness BIA (Business Improvement Area). Paul is a longstanding member of the Bowness Community Association, serving as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Planning and Development Committee for many years. He has worked with City of Calgary and residents on several projects in Bowness. Paul believes that volunteering is an important role for people to play in their community.


Anne Campbell Director

Anne has been on the Bowness Community Association Board since 2011, and previously served in the late 1960s and early 1970s during the time she raised her children.  She is retired from employment as a legal secretary. Anne is passionate about keeping Bowness as it is with all its wonderful residents who make it such a joy to live here while striving to add amenities and options to engage more residents.  A compulsion for gardening is her main vice.


Jeffrey Riedl Director

Jeffery has been with the Bowness Community Association since 2015, acting as a member of the board and chair of the Planning and Development Committee.  Jeffrey is a registered architect and an artist. Jeffrey is passionate about positive growth in Bowness. He believes in inner city densification and with all the development taking place in the surrounding areas, he envisions Bowness as the hub that connects these new communities. Jeffrey has lived in Bowness for thirteen years with his wife Alana, two children and his two dogs.


Teresa Davidson Director

Teresa joined the BCA board in the fall of 2018.  Teresa is a Registered Nurse with a master’s degree and is currently working as the Executive Director of the Tom Baker Cancer Center, Alberta Health Services.  Teresa has lived in Bowness since 2011 and enjoys the bike paths, parks, shopping, restaurants and of course the outstanding neighbors! Teresa’s husband works for the Calgary Police Service and they can often be found out and about with their dog (Finley) in Bowness Park.


Beverley Sheridan Director

Beverley joined the Bowness Community Association as a Director in 2018. She enjoys connecting and working closely with the residents of Bowness.  She serves on the Finance and Twinning the Arena Committees. She runs her own company dealing in intellectual property management and development.  Beverley is an active member of the Bowness Garden Club. In the summer months you will find her hard at work in her own extensive garden.


Christina Pilarski Director

Christina has been a director since 2017, and currently serves as the Board's Chair of Communications. She is the owner of her own public relations and communications firm, CIPR Communications. Christina is passionate about ensuring Bowness continues to be one of the best places in Calgary to raise a family. When she isn't in Bowness you can find her having adventures with her husband, twin boys, and two dogs.


Benjamin Kaczmarek Director

Benjamin has been a director since 2017. He serves on the Audit & Finance Committee as well as the Community Hub Committee. He currently works as an analyst for a M&A firm based out of Toronto and is taking night classes toward his Canadian residential appraisal designation (CRA). Since moving to Bowness in 2016, you can often find him running, biking, or cross-country skiing the trails. Benjamin is passionate about connecting like-minded people together throughout Calgary.


Michelle Rhode Director

Michelle joined the Bowness Community Association Board in 2018.  She has worked in the non-profit sector for 10 years and is currently the Executive Director of Accessible Housing Society.  Michelle and her partner Owen had a baby boy in June 2018 and she is presently off on a maternity leave. Michelle fell in love with Bowness after moving here 3 years ago.  She loves the strong sense of community. She loves walking her dog in Bowness Park.


Kurt Kinnear Director

Kurt joined the Bowness Community Association Board in 2018. Kurt was one of Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40 winners in 2016. He brings 12 years of community recreation leadership experience to the Board. He is passionate about driving participation through great experiences. Kurt and his wife have lived in Bowness for 15-years and they have two boys and a little girl. He loves spending time with his family in Bowness – from main street to the parks. He is passionate about ensuring his kids, and all kids in the neighbourhood, have great places to stay active and have fun.


Karen Lewin Director

Karen resides in Bowness with her young family. They love the access to parks, places to play, and the unique shops. Karen has been instrumental in ensuring Bowness continues to be a safe and fun place for children of all ages to play. She has led the charge on the Bowness Skate Park; working with government officials to ensure funding, construction, and communications was seamless.

Interested in being part of the Bowness Community Association Board?

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